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"All artists in any discipline - painting, music, writing or dance - are sponges. We soak up everything we can learn from others in our fields. Unlike many in the arts, I don't keep the arts in their individual boxes. I have learned as much or more from the challenges and answers provided by jazz musicians and writers as I have from studying painters and their work. And of course, one can't do better than spending time out in nature.

"Below are a smattering of books that I've found particularly inspiring. Many of them have been catalysts to new ideas in how to think about color, light, space, ways of seeing or life."



(Please note that several of these books may no longer be in print.)

-The Floating World of Ukiyo-e  Multiple essays published by Abrams
-Matisse On Art by Jack Flam
-Art & Physics, Parallell Visions in Space, -Time & Light by Leonard Shlain 
-Hiroshige One Hundred Famous Views of Edo by George Braziller
-Matisse, A Retrospective, edited by Jack Flam
-Jacob Lawrence, The Migration Series by Henry Louis Gates, Jr.
-Visions In Jazz by Gary Giddins
-Stories: Eleven Aboriginal Artists, Works from The Holmes a Court Collection
-The Unknown Matisse by Hilary Spurling

-Matisse The Master by Hilary Spurling

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-Wirrimanu, Aboriginal Art from the Balgo Hills
-Bonnard At Le Cannet by Michel Terrasse
-Thomas Eakins, His Life and Art, by Homer
-David Hockney, A Retrospective LACMA
-Just Looking, Essays On American Art by John Updike
-Still Looking, Essays On American Art by John Updike
-To A Young Jazz Musician: Letters From The Road by Wynton Marsalis 
(At every step in this book, one could substitute art for music, painting for jazz.)

-The Sketchbooks of Picasso by Je Suis Le Cahier
-Art And Illusion by E.H. Gombrich
-Considering Genius by Stanley Crouch
-Persian Painting, From the Mongols to the Qajars by Robert Hillenbrand
-Willem De Kooning: Reflections In The Studio by Edvard Lieber
-Masterpieces of Japanese Prints Ukiyo-e from the Victoria and Albert Museum



-The Narrow Road To The Deep North by Basho
-Living With Jazz by Dan Morgenstern
-Henry Ossawa Tanner, Philadelphia Museum of Art
-Painter as Critic, Patrick Heron: Selected Writings
-Romare Bearden, His Life and Art by Myron Schwartzman
-Good Poems, edited by Garrison Keillor
-Selected Poems of William Butler Yeats, edited by M.L. Rosenthal
(All books of poetry by Billy Collins)
-That's The Way I See It by David Hockney
-Richard Diebenkorn by Gerald Nordland
-Van Gogh and Gaugin by Druick and Zegers
-Giacometti by Bernard Lamarche-Vadel
-Matisse Picasso (Lots of contributors) The Museum Of Modern Art
-Homecoming, The Art and Life of William H. Johnson by Richard J. Powell
-Hiroshige Birds and Flowers by George Brazziller
-The Private Picasso by Quin - Daix


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