T  R  O  P  I  C      S  O  U  N  D




Tropic Sounds are imaginary landscapes based on bird sounds in Kauai.

While vacationing in Kauai, at the break of dawn the air is electric. The bird sounds create a rich fabric: the mahogany tones of "woodwinds". In counterpoint to that is the "brass section" of bird sounds, full of light and bright tones that bounce off the surfaces of things. The air pulses with the colors of sound.

In the distance are low volcanic mountains and the winding paths that climb to them. Dogs sleep in the shade. Egrets navigate their angular whiteness through permanent green grass. Palm fronds clack in the wind, and everywhere is Gauguin.

Tropic Sound I "Night"  56" w X 61" h



Tropic Sound II  "Snap, Crackle, Pop" 56" w X 61" h



Tropic Sound III  "Atlantis" 56" w X 61" h


Tropic Sound IV "Orchid"  56" w X 61" h


Tropic Sound V  "Green Isle"  56" w X 61" h


Tropic Sound VI  "Jelly"  56" w X 61" h



Tropic Sound VII  "Sound Chains" 56" w X 61" h


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